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Articles & Papers (continued)


"When Law Enforcement Officers Become Criminal Defendants: Unique Considerations" (2007)


"The Clayton Motion: What Factors to Include in Your Motion to Dismiss in the Interests of Justice" (2007)


"The Modified Trial and its Benefits to Select Defendants" (2007)


"The State Criminal Case in New York: A Timeline of Events and Procedures" (2007)


"The Federal Criminal Case in New York: A Timeline of Events and Procedures" (2007)


"Allegations of Professional Wrongdoing: How to Protect Your License and Your Good Name" (2007)


"What Are The Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in New York: Employment, Immigration, Housing, Parenting, Work Licenses, Driving Privileges and other areas of life fundamentally impacted by even the non-criminal conviction--A Survey" (2007)


"Anatomy of an Arraignment: Essentials to Keep in Mind When Representing a Defendant at Arraignment (Part I)" (2007)


"Anatomy of an Arraignment: Everything You Can Do To Help Your Client at the Arraignment (Part II)" (2007)


"Anatomy of a Domestic Violence Case: Special Cases With Special Considerations" (2007)


"Representing the Mentally Ill and Chemically Dependent Client: Special Clients With Special Needs" (2007)


"Demystifying White Collar Crime" (2006)


"The Case for Shortening Speedy Trial Time for Prosecutors" (2006)


"Essentials of Federal Sentencing Guidelines under Booker" (2006)


"The Nuts & Bolts of a Civil Rights Case" (2006)


"Criminal Defense Practice Tips for the Civil Lawyer", (2007)


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