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"Cleaning Your Client's Criminal Record: How to Minimize Past Criminal Convictions" (2007)


"Criminal Defense & Civil Rights Litigation: Two Areas of Law Inextricably Linked" (2007)


"DWI Cases: How to Attack Blood Alcohol Content Results through Science" (2007)


"Sex Crimes and The Court: Some of the Toughest Cases You'll Ever Have" (2007)


"The Best Defenses Available When Accused of a White-Collar Crime" (2007)


"White Collar Crimes: Many Incarnations. Many Defenses" (2006)


"Ethics: Rules for the Criminal Practitioner in New York" (2006)


"Identification Testimony and the Use of Experts: Major Legal and Scientific Developments" (2006)


"Your Computer and the Law: What You Need to Know" (2006)


"Rescuing Our Troubled Children from the Criminal Justice System: Proven Strategies" (2006)


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Mr. Wizenberg has conducted seminars for attorneys, the public and clergy for many years. He has also lectured at numerous schools and served as Attorney-in-Charge of Brooklyn Law School's National Trial Team.


Topics Mr. Wizenberg has spoken on include Criminal Defense, Cleaning One's Past Record, Police Brutality and Correction Officer Abuse.


His work has been profiled in three of New York State's most prestigious

legal periodicals, The New York County Lawyer, The Advocate and The Bill of Particulars.

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