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Practice Areas : Drug Crimes

From misdemeanor possession to A-felony sales, at Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg, we handle all types of drug-related crimes.


It is a crime to use, possess, manufacture or distribute drugs classified as having the potential for abuse (such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines). There are also laws against the abuse of prescription drugs. The Controlled Substances Act provides the authority and classification of substances. The most serious drug charges include the producing, manufacturing and selling of illicit drugs.


The punishment for drug offenses depends on the quantity of the drugs, its classification under federal drug law schedules and the purpose for its possession. New York State also has enhanced penalties for those who sell drugs within 1,000 feet of school grounds. Drug-related crimes often carry stiff penalties, including jail or prison sentences, fines, probation, community service, completion of extended drug treatment programs and a permanent record.

Still, to the knowing attorney, the cases prosecutors bring in this area are often wrought with errors. There is rarely a shortage of areas to attack the prosecutor's case. At Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg, we investigate every aspect of the search and arrest to determine whether there were Constitutional violations and move aggressively to preclude evidence obtained through illegal police conduct. This can result in a criminal case being dropped long before trial. We negotiate with prosecutors for dismissal, reductions of charges and drug treatment/rehabilitation alternatives to sentencing, but we're at our best when we fight relentlessly to do one thing--win.


A sampling of drug cases successfully won by Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg include the following:

  • Possession

  • Possession with the intent to distribute

  • Manufacture

  • Trafficking

  • Sales

  • Solicitation

  • Importation

  • Conspiracy

  • Illegal Use of Prescription Drugs


Our attorneys are available evenings, weekends and holidays to accommodate our clients. No matter what language you speak, we can handle your case. We have deep roots, experience and offices in every borough of New York City. Contact us at our Manhattan headquarters for an initial consultation.



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