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Practice Areas : Parole and Probation


The Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg defends individuals being prosecuted for either probation or parole violations.


Parole is supervision that begins after an offender has been incarcerated in prison or jail and released after serving part of a sentence. Parolees serve their time in the community. Probation is the suspension of a jail sentence of a convicted offender. The offender is given the freedom to return to the community for a period in which they have to abide by certain conditions set by the court under the supervision of a probation officer.


If you violate any of the conditions of your probation or parole -- which includes mere misconduct or a subsequent arrest or conviction -- the government will often attempt to revoke your freedom. Before your probation or parole can be revoked, however, experienced counsel can fight both procedurally and substantively in your defense. The attorneys at Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg are skilled in the area of parole and probation violation proceedings and can defend your right to liberty with the same passion to prevail as if it were your first case.



Our attorneys are available evenings, weekends and holidays to accommodate our clients. No matter what language you speak, we can handle your case. We have deep roots, experience and offices in every borough of

New York City. Contact us at our Manhattan headquarters for an initial consultation.





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