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Practice Areas : Police Misconduct


The Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg defends the rights of victims of police misconduct by bringing lawsuits for money damages in both state and federal court against the State, the City and the New York Police Department. The abusive officers, their "silent" and complicit partners are also sued. We even name supervisors in our suits.


Police misconduct refers to the objectionable actions taken by police and other law enforcement officers in connection with their official duties. Police brutality is a particularly disturbing form of police misconduct. Legally speaking, police brutality is the excessive use of physical force, assault, verbal attacks or threats by police officers and other law enforcement officers. If you have been the victim of police misconduct, contact the civil rights attorneys of Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg right away. You may have only ninety days from the date of the incident to file a notice of claim against the City of New York or the State of New York to preserve your right to bring a case against them in state court.


Our lawsuits remedy:


  • Police brutality

  • False arrest

  • Violations of the 1983 federal statute

  • Wrongful incarceration

  • Malicious prosecution

  • Illegal searches of homes, vehicles and   persons

  • Harassment and threats to an individual

  • Strip searches

  • Racial profiling

  • Sexual abuse

  • Many other causes of action



Our attorneys are available evenings, weekends and holidays to accommodate our clients. No matter what language you speak, we can handle your case. We have deep roots, experience and offices in every borough of New York City. Contact us at our Manhattan headquarters for an initial consultation.




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