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Practice Areas : Prisoner Rights


The Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg defends the rights of victims of prison abuse and misconduct by bringing lawsuits for money damages in both state and federal court.


Under the law, prison officials have a duty to refrain from using excessive force and to protect prisoners from assault by other prisoners. Prisoners are entitled to be housed in facilities that do not pose undue risks to personal health and safety. Proper medical care, respect for religious ideals, many other human rights must also be honored.


Many incidents of use of force by prison staff and assaults on prisoners by other prisoners are not simply wrong or illegal -- many rise to the level of being unconstitutional. In addition, if you have suffered injuries as a result of certain conditions existing in jails and prison facilities, you can have grounds for a personal injury claim. Contact the experienced civil rights attorneys of Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg for a consultation about the particular circumstances of your case. The civil rights battle today often relates to what takes place behind bars. Call us. We know the prison system inside and out.


Our lawsuits remedy:

  • Prison guard brutality

  • Prisoner on prisoner assault

  • Violations of the 1983 federal statute

  • Unconstitutional living conditions in prison   and detention facilities

  • Prison guard harassment

  • Denial of adequate medical care

  • Illegal strip searches

  • Sexual abuse

  • Writs of habeas corpus




Our attorneys are available evenings, weekends and holidays to accommodate our clients. No matter what language you speak, we can handle your case. We have deep roots, experience and offices in every borough of New York City. Contact us at our Manhattan headquarters for an initial consultation.




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