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Practice Areas : White Collar Crimes

The Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg has a broad range of experience defending white collar charges.


White collar crime refers to a crime committed by a person in a position of trust or power through deception and in the course of his occupation. These kinds of crimes differ from "street crime" in that they are usually committed by persons of status or power, such as executives, managers, officers, politicians or public officials, and that there rarely is the threat or application of physical force or violence.


The government, however, is no less harsh on these types of cases. Although the police are often not involved, the enforcement of the laws governing corporate crime are put in the hands of other government agencies that act as watchdogs and bring cases where abuse is suspected. A conviction of a white collar crime carries with it the potential for hefty monetary fines, restitution, jail time, or a stain on your record. If you are charged with a white collar crime, you must place your trust in an experienced white collar attorney. Through the utilization of the best trained forensic accountants to our strategy of auditing the government's own investigation, The Law Office Of Darin B. Wizenberg has the expertise and resources to fight these types of cases.


We've successfully handled cases involving:


  • Insurance fraud

  • Money laundering

  • Computer crimes

  • Identity theft

  • Tax evasion

  • Embezzlement



Our attorneys are available evenings, weekends and holidays to accommodate our clients. No matter what language you speak, we can handle your case. We have deep roots, experience and offices in every borough of New York City. Contact us at our Manhattan headquarters for an initial consultation.



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